Pricing Schedule

Thanking you for showing an interest in 7D Mobile Movies 

the Ticket purchase options will be active when we open 

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Ticket prices/group rates and multi-concession fares.

Adults – If the person is age from 13 to and including 65 they will be classified an Adult.

Children - If a Child is aged between 5 to and including 12 they will be classified as a Child

Children must be accompanied with an Adult paying ticket 

No person under 60cm is permitted to a Ride 

Seat options (Seat/s)  Ticket/s

no of Movies 

 Price ($)

1 seat or person

1 Movie or Ride


1 seat or person

2 Movies or Rides


1 seat or person

3 Movies or Rides


2 seats or persons 1 Movie or Ride


2 seats or persons

2 Movies or Rides


2 seats or persons 3 Movies or Rides


Family Pass 1 movie/Ride2 Adults up to 4 Children  45.00

3  seats or persons

1  Movie or Ride


3 seats or persons

2  Movies or Rides


3 seats or persons

3  Movies or Rides


Family Pass 2 movie/Ride 2 Adults up to 4 Children



Children and Senior citizens – If the person is aged from 5 to and including 10 or from 60 to and including 109 they will be classified a child or senior citizen. Work safe regulations are also maintained.

Vintage rate – If the person is aged from and including 110 years and can survive the ride will ride for free with 5 friends of any age. A birth certificate or stone tablet of age will need to be produced.  

Work safe regulations are also maintained for people’s safety. The person participating cannot be less than 1 meter in high or over 120 kgs in weight.